Glimmies GLN03000 Rainbow Friends Glimtree


Glimmies GLN03000 Rainbow Friends Glimtree

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Glimmies GLN03000 Rainbow Friends Glimtree. Light-up playset with 1 exclusive glimmie. Activate the Glimmies light-up function tree foliage opens to reveal a big house use the hooks to hang the smaller glimhouss. Glimmies Rainbow friends interact with each other by changing colourful the first time you can experience the magical feeling of holding an enchanted creature in your own hands! When the lights go out these super cute little Star fairies called Glimmies will shine bright in the dark, put them in the light and the Glimmies hide their lights! Place two Glimmies Rainbow friends next to each other and they will interact! Their light will magically change colour in a rainbow palette of colours as they recognise each other.The glimmer activates the Glimmies light-up function. Put 1 glimmie inside the glimmer and see it light up, taking on the glimmie’s colour. Place 2 Glimmies to see the tree light up, taking their colours. Place 2 Glimmies Rainbow friends and the playset will light up with a rainbow effect!

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